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WMFG Says:

Height: 24.75″ (Extra Tall)
Width: 11.5″
Capacity: 2×1.8L

The WMFG 1.0P is the latest edition to the WMFG line of pumps. This pro model pump has a smaller diameter, double barrel design that has more volume than the 4.0T, and reaches pressures over 25 PSI. The 3-stage switch on the back allows for switching between double action, single action, and single barrel pumping. The 1.0P is the only pump you need to inflate all water sports equipment including kites, wings, sups and more.

Visit for more info: www.wmfg.co/products/wmfg-kiteboard-pump-1-0p


The Wingsurfer Says:

If time is of the essence, WMFG’s 1.0P pump is the fastest way to get onto the water. WMFG’s new 1.0P pump features a double slim barrel design for 2x the pumping power. Not quite two pumps in one, (this pump merges two 1.0sup pumps rather than two standard sized pumps) WMFG’s new pump fuses two extra tall thin pumps that packs as much pumping power as possible into a reasonably sized package.

Measuring in at 24.75” tall, the 1.0P pump stands nearly five inches higher than a standard pump which means less stress on your back. Wingers with back issues will find the pumping stance with the 1.0P is much easier because you don’t have to bend over and over-leverage your back muscles to finish off the full pump stroke. The other noticeable feature is that the fusing of two pump heads gives the handles a wider stance which allows you to spread your arms a bit wider and line up directly with your shoulders. This wider stances feels a bit more ergonomic with your shoulders, and because of the double barrel design, the handle can’t spin/rotate like a traditional pump. This makes the pumping action more stable, particularly if you are trying to set a new world speed record, or if you’re in too much of a hurry to use the improved leash and pumping one handed (as some people tend to do).

Pumping Modes
While most of WMFG’s other pump models offer two pumping modes (2 way action for high capacity or 1 way action for high pressure), the 1.0p features a 3-stage switch so you can toggle between setting 1 (two-way up+down double barrel inflation), setting 2 (one-way down double barrel inflation) or setting 3 (one-way down single barrel inflation). While setting one may get the job done faster, setting two is more intuitive and easier on your body while setting three feels easy yet requires many more pumps, although perhaps good for the last few strokes it takes to top off your wing.

Pressure Guage
The 1.0p’s pressure guage reads from 7psi to 25, which offers a much higher reading than a traditional pump and also makes it very versatile for pumping up anything from kites to wings to inflatable SUPs that require higher pressures. While you may choose to inflate your wing anywhere from 8 to 10psi (depending on manufacturer’s recommendation and personal experience), SUPs might take anywhere from 12-16psi. We also found that this a nice feature for the new high-pressure wings hitting the market (think Aluula and Hookipa). Just keep in mind that the gauge doesn’t serve much function until you get farther along past 7psi in the pumping process and the colors on the gauge (yellow, green and red) are meant for SUPs not wings.

New and Upgraded Features
The 1.0p features the same molded handles and feet we have come to know from WMFG as well as newly engineered seals and pistons, but most notably the air intake features a foam filter to ensure that you’re not pumping sand into your bladder. Probably one of the biggest upgrades is WMFG’s 4.0 hose which is a step up in durability from hoses of the past. The new hose features extra rigidity and works really well with valves, like the airport valves, that like some pre-twisting, as the extra stiffness in the hose holds the valve rotated in place. The leash pump hook is slightly wider and U-shaped compared to years past providing an easier hook and a better hold on wings that have wider or more uniquely shaped leash pump attachments.

Like all WMFG pumps, the 1.0p comes with a range of nozzles to fit any wing on the market. We like to keep this little baggie tied to the pump so we always have nozzles on hand for all of our friends at the beach.

While this pump is a bit heavier than your standard WMFG, it’s added pumping power is second to none for people in a rush and those that find themselves frequently inflating extra-large wing sizes. If you don’t plan on traveling with it, and your walk to the beach isn’t too long, this pump is a great addition to your wing session. Like pumping your wing with two pumps at once, for speed and a high pressure inflation the 1.0P can’t be beat.